6th Sunday of Ordinary Time. February 16th 2020

 First Reading: This short reading from one of the wisdom writings of the Old Testament lets us know what an awesome reality human freedom is. We are at liberty to choose fire or water, life or death. God respects our freedom to choose, and he permits us to experience the consequences of our choices.

Second Reading: St Paul’s teaching, the teaching of our faith, is not ‘a philosophy of our age’; it dose not pander to fashion or fad, but places truth before us and invites us to choose in accordance with the truth. It is God’s Holy Spirit who shows us the truth and empowers us to live by it.

Gospel: ‘You have heard …… but I say this to you.‘ This contrast, or antithesis, runs like a refrain through the Sermon on the Mount. Moses gave the law from Mount Sinai; in his Sermon on the Mount, it is Jesus, the new and definitive Moses who explains the law in all its depth.