SUNDAY MASS: Our Sunday Mass will be celebrated at 10am and will be live-streamed. (Last Sunday was very busy on the internet and not everyone was able to access the Mass on the webcam...… one of the weaknesses of technology).
Sunday Mass will also be broadcast on Radio Kerry at 9.30am as part of the Horizons programme.


Mass will be live-streamed each day on our parish website 
See link on the top right of our homepage or click here 

In light of the most recent Covid-19 government restrictions, the Munster Bishops have announced further guidelines:
Church buildings will remain closed until Easter Sunday as it is practically impossible to ensure that all surfaces in church buildings would be cleaned regularly, and that the numbers entering churches would be supervised.
Masses are to continue, where possible, to be broadcast via the webcam.
Parish Clergy over the age of 70 should remain cocooned.
All baptisms and weddings are postponed until further notice. If, because of emergency, a baptism must be celebrated, the shortened emergency rite should be used with ‘other rites to be supplied later’.
Let us continue to pray for the people of our country at this difficult time.