The restrictions of the past week are disappointing for everyone. However, we need to redouble our efforts to be vigilant and careful, even when attending Mass. 

Regarding our own church, the weekday Masses are open to all to attend. If you wish to attend the vigil or Sunday Masses at 10am, 11.15am or 12.30pm, we are asking you to contact the Parish Office to reserve a place by phoning the Parish Office, Monday to Friday mornings.

Given the limited numbers that are allowed in churches, if you do not reserve a place for Mass, we cannot guarantee that a seat will be available for you. As the ushers need to direct people to their seats, please be punctual for Mass.
Irish Church leaders have encouraged people to wear face coverings when attending Mass.

At the end of Mass, please leave by the nearest door. 
The people in the side aisles by the side doors.
The people in the main aisles by the main doors.
As you leave, please observe the social distancing. 

Many thanks for your support of the weekly parish collection.
If anyone has a mobility issue, please sit in any front seat and the minister will bring you holy communion.
Just a reminder to observe the 2 metre social-distancing in your seat. Please sit on the sticker.

The aisle nearest to Our Lady’s Shrine has fewer stickers as we will use this section for families of 3 members or more. While some people normally sit in that area, we want to try to use it specifically for families.

Many thanks to the Parish Pastoral Council, our sacristans, parish staff, ministry groups and volunteers for their assistance with Public Masses. Many thanks for your cooperation.