As mentioned last weekend, it is with delight and apprehension that we announce the return of Public Masses with restricted numbers. It will be a very different experience to attend Mass with smaller numbers and social distancing. Some people may not feel comfortable in attending Mass. The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays continues to be lifted.

We appreciate that many workers will only be available to attend Mass at weekends, so if you are able to attend a weekday Mass instead, it would be very helpful. The weekday Masses are open to all to attend. If you wish to attend the vigil and usual Sunday Masses at 10am, 11.15am and 12.30pm, we are asking you to contact the Parish Office to reserve a place by phoning the Parish Office Monday to Friday mornings.

For those who will attend Mass in this church, the following will need to be noted:
1. Please enter by the Main Door only.
2. Use hand sanitisers entering and leaving the church.
3. Please sit in the designated spaces only, indicated by stickers.
4. Ushers will assist with the movement of people before and after Mass.
5. At weekend Masses the passing of baskets is not recommended so our collection will now be inside the door of the Church. These boxes will be in place for all Masses but you are only asked to contribute at one Mass.
6. Communion can only be received in your hand at this time.

Many thanks to the Parish Pastoral Council and our sacristans with our preparations for public Masses.