The boxes of envelopes for 2020 will be available for householders to collect in the Pastoral Centre from this week, Monday to Friday. The remaining boxes will later be delivered to households in the Parish.


The modern style of the stained glass windows are a striking feature of our Church. Unfortunately, over the years they have deteriorated. The glass has buckled in many places, partly due to the difference in air pressure inside and outside. Some panels are subject to leaking when there is driving rain. A programme of repair began this week, removing a few panels which will be taken away for repair and restoration. These will be re-fitted in 5–6 weeks time. This process is slow and may continue for 2 years or so, allowing for the restoration while not impacting hugely on Masses and other ceremonies.


6th Sunday of Ordinary Time. February 16th 2020

 First Reading: This short reading from one of the wisdom writings of the Old Testament lets us know what an awesome reality human freedom is. We are at liberty to choose fire or water, life or death. God respects our freedom to choose, and he permits us to experience the consequences of our choices.

Second Reading: St Paul’s teaching, the teaching of our faith, is not ‘a philosophy of our age’; it dose not pander to fashion or fad, but places truth before us and invites us to choose in accordance with the truth. It is God’s Holy Spirit who shows us the truth and empowers us to live by it.

Gospel: ‘You have heard …… but I say this to you.‘ This contrast, or antithesis, runs like a refrain through the Sermon on the Mount. Moses gave the law from Mount Sinai; in his Sermon on the Mount, it is Jesus, the new and definitive Moses who explains the law in all its depth.


Masses are live-streamed and available on our parish website at weekends and 9.30am Mass during the week. See link on the top right of our homepage or click here.


is available during weekend Masses for families with young children. Mass can be viewed on TV screen.


From Monday, Sept. 16th weekday opening times will be 9.00am-12.30pm and 1.00pm-4.30pm. (Monday-Friday).


We hope this year’s Festival is an outstanding success and a fitting reward for the dedication and enthusiasm of all involved. We extend a very warm welcome to all who have returned home, to all visitors to Tralee and our Parish for the Rose of Tralee Festival. We hope you experience warmth and hospitality during your stay.
We are pleased to announce once again some Roses will attend 10am Mass this Sunday (August 25th), followed by refreshments in the Pastoral Centre. This is your chance to have a chat/ photograph with some of the Roses.

All welcome.  Céad Míle Fáilte

Our Parish Office will take bookings for 1st Anniversary Masses Thursday, September 26th. All other bookings will be taken from the following day Friday, September 27th.


We extend a very warm welcome to all visitors to Our Lady & St Brendan’s Church and also to Tralee. We wish you a very happy stay.

Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain on Sunday last our Corpus Christi Procession could not go ahead. We would like to thank all involved in any way in this event especially the residents of Hawthorn Drive, Monavalley for all their preparations in hosting the Procession.